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Our Mission and Vision

We strive to be The Texas Art Connection which develops enthusiastic contact between artists and art lovers in art destinations; including, art associations and galleries.
We showcase Texas artists and art destinations, introducing them to you, the reader, to communities, and to the world. Exclusively dedicated to fine art, this Gallery, in print and online, includes painting, sculpture, photography, and more (inclusion pending juried acceptance).
We hope our readers will:
• Use this as a resource to locate original art, art classes, and art destinations.
• Follow us to art destinations in various areas of Texas and beyond.
• Provide opportunities for our featured artists to exhibit at art shows, events, or solo exhibits.

Message from the Publisher:

My heart goes out to all individuals and businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunate for the ability to continue working despite the situation, we hope this publication shines as a bright spot in a dismal time and when we come together again.
The Eyes of Texas Fine Art Gallery is an Art Happening in the works. As a result of our travels throughout the North Central Texas Region (from the Dallas-Fort Worth area to Abilene and Wichita Falls), you will discover and explore an extraordinary Art Trail. We feature art destinations where motivation springs from enthusiasm created by local artists. We welcome associations, galleries, and studios to join us, allowing our readers to enjoy exceptional art experiences. Driven by talented local artists, who want their art known and appreciated, art destinations thrive when communities become known for art events, galleries, wineries, restaurants, accommodations, and theaters. The arts mean business! Further support from the communities in our North Central Texas Art Trail, their visitors’ centers, and art associations, help complete our vision to draw you into this lovely world. We hope you keep our elegant printed magazine, worthy of your coffee table, filled with amazing artists and direct contact information for sales or commissioned art.
I’m so excited you picked up this copy of The Eyes of Texas Fine Art Gallery or found us online! Honored to introduce 50 Texas artists and hundreds of art creations, we want to share our fresh art vision. Imagine walking into any place of business, location, or social occasion and observing a live artist creating a masterpiece, producing an unforgettable visit. As we face a new economic reality, whether a sponsor or artist, we can connect while promoting each other and establishing another Art Destination. “Pop-Up Art Gallery Events” create a new way to connect artists with the community and to enhance our art destinations. Use this publication as a resource for contacting artists to visit your location for an exciting way to make art come alive creating a “Pop Up Art Gallery Event.“
Beyond a physical location, as you hold this magazine, you hold our Gallery. We hope you enjoy every page. With each publication we expand our contact with Texas artists and art destinations. Discover the world of art through The Eyes of Texas Fine Art Gallery, in print and online.
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