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Vote for People’s Choice Award for the 28 participating artists by email! 

  1. Select 2019 FLIPBOOK drop down option from the Publication FLIPBOOK menu.
  2. Use the left & right arrows to turn the pages and view the artists and locate the page number of your favorite artist.
  3. Email your vote to including the Favorite artist name, and page number in FLIPBOOK.
  4. Last Chance to make your vote count is Tuesday May 28th, 2019 at 11:59pm.

NOTE:  Vote only ONE artist PER EMAIL ADDRESS.  No Exceptions!

The Eyes of Texas Fine Art Gallery Exhibit, Lancaster Theater Art Center.  Featuring 28 participating artists.   Please cast your vote for the participating artists below.

  1. Gini Morelock Bosco, pg 9
  2. Barbara Brown, pg 30
  3. Karen Tilman Brown, pg 8
  4. Michele Crider, pg 28
  5. Joanne Croft, pg 29
  6. Dee Elliott, pg 2
  7. Dana Gibson, pg 27
  8. Vickie Guthrie, pg 17
  9. Louise Hildalgo, pg 42
  10. Gloria Lee Hood, pg 13
  11. Gwen Hutson, pg 37
  12. Kat Warwick, pg 20
  13. Echo Gregory Knox, pg 10
  14. Cheryl Lee Moore, pg 28
  15. Nan Phillips, pg 40
  16. Cynthia Pinnell, pg 33
  17. Lynda Robinson, pg 42
  18. Telese Rodelv, pg 35
  19. Linda Roman, pg 41
  20. Pamela Steege, pg 7
  21. James R. Stewart, pg 33
  22. Deanna Thibault, pg 29
  23. Pam Tullos, pg 37
  24. Debra Sue Water, pg 21
  25. Phyllis Webster, pg 19
  26. Linda Whitehouse, pg 6
  27. Kay Wirz, pg 31
  28. Sarah Wright, pg 12

Our Spring Show will be located at the Lancaster Theater 300 S Main St, Grapevine, TX 76051. For additional information contact

Visual Art is meant to be seen and artists to be known. 

The Eyes of Texas Fine Art Gallery Publication is a virtual gallery dedicated to visual art. We are proud of our Texas artists and their beautiful artwork in our current catalog. We hope you enjoy their work and feel free to directly contact them to purchase their showcased artwork or have a commission creation made for you. Our featured artists are inspired by hearing from you and your reviews. We hope our future plans to include a gallery guide will give more opportunity to enjoy visual arts located across Texas communities.

Discover – the world of visual art through creative artists of Texas
Introduce – the many artists and different styles of artistic expressions available to you
Share – gifts that bring special memories to life through your personal gallery by commissioning your creative vision

Taking Home Memories
A virtual gallery in print that can be kept as a keepsake from Texas to share with family and friends